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Born and raised in Argentina, I studied film at Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires. In 2010, I joined the communications team of the President of Argentina. Two years later, I had the opportunity to work as a Campaign Manager at the United Nations in New York.

I never imagined working in politics. However, this real-world experience became an excellent training ground for learning the power of storytelling.

In 2016, I fulfilled one of my dreams and embarked on a backpacking journey through Central America, Asia, and Europe, armed with only a camera and a backpack.

After traveling for a year, I returned to the United States with the mission to recreate all the stories that I experienced during my world journey and my time at the United Nations.

By 2018, I was working at Technicolor. I finished and produced trailers for Netflix while receiving full training in post-production. During this time, I was accepted into the Sundance Director's Lab to work on my first feature film, "In Love".

In 2021 I directed “Love Inflation,”  a short that explores the concept of self-worth and its significance in relationships. The film was selected for the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2022. Additionally, I have directed several commercials for various brands, including Cole Haan, Vegamour, and Beauty Counter, among others, over the last three years.

As a female, Latina, migrant, mother, and director feel the responsibility to bring in my culture, identity, and experience to every project I am involved in.

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