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I was born into a thriving Argentina just dipping their toes into democracy and enjoying the freedom of independence. I was taught to never fear vocalizing what you believe in. 

After completing my film studies, a director presented me with an opportunity to join the communications team for the President of Argentina. Two years later, the United Nations moved me to New York to work as a Campaign Manager.

I never imagined working in politics, but real world experience became an excellent training ground for learning how powerful storytelling was in spreading awareness about historic events. By 2016, I decided to make one of my dreams come true and explore Central America, Asia, and Europe with only a backpack and camera. After my year-long journey I realized that I wanted to go back to the US where I could recreate all the stories I lived while at the UN and traveling. I moved to LA with one mission: working at my biggest passion, film. By 2018 I was working at Technicolor and began writing my own script that now is ready to be birthed.


I was admitted at the Sundance Festival Lab, where mentors and producers help you to work in the pre production and development of your first feature. “In Love” is semi auto-biographical story about Lorena, a hypnotic young woman who thought she was becoming the best version of herself, will realize she is in a hidden abusive and toxic relationship and will need to reconnect with her inner strength before it’s too late.


I feel the responsibility to bring my Latin American culture, identity as a woman, and experience as an immigrant, to every project.  I am fortunate to have had the opportunity within the last 10 years to work in Argentinian TV and politics, as well as on the international stage through the United Nations and directed different commercials during the last three years. These experiences taught me the biggest lesson: to communicate a new idea you have to think differently, to put yourself in other people’s shoes and create bridges in order to connect people to a different understanding of the world.

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